Ninjutsu With Weapons  

Students advance to the next step of mastering the weapon techniques.
First of all what we imagine as a standard weapon is the shuriken.
If you hope to know about the details of shuriken and shuriken – jutsu,
please refer to the articles ” Shuriken(Ninja Star) ” ,
” The Contest of Ninja Shuriken “, and ” Learn Shuriken-Jutsu at Ninja Dojo ” .
Next, disciples can master ” Ninja sword ” use.
In almost all dojos, metal fake swords are used
but in some dojos, swords with real blades are used according to the schools. Further, you can master
kunai, kusari – gama, blow guns , bow and arrows,
Tekken, Tekko-Kagi” and so on.
Generally speaking, the required length of time to master all of ninjutsu
is about ten years, and if done quickly it takes at least five years.