Devine Sword & Ninjutsu

There is a word in Japanese, ‘Kensei’, meaning ‘sword saint’.
Sword saints are different from sword experts or sword masters.
Sword masters were individuals such as Iizasa Choisai, Aisu Ikosai, Koizumi Isenokami, Tsukahara Bokuden, Yagyu Sekishusai, Miyamoto Musashi,
and Ito Ittosai. Historical records are replet with tales of these underfeated sword masters; their sword skills were said to be divine and their fame
still echos to the present day. So who where the sword saints?
They were people who did not only excel in the way of figthing with
the sword but had also reached a position that transcended the sword masters. Sword saints were also far superior to those who practiced
the way of the sword in the ‘Dojo’. Such lesser swordsmen had forgotten the sense of being able to respond in a life and death situation, and lacked experience that was useful in real combat.
Ninjutsu art of sword was based in the above philosophy.
Actually most of the Ninjas have been born through this kind
of swordsmen, such as Hattori Hanzo. The divine way of sword art
is the START of all the famous Ninja warriors for the following generations. Although many of the famous Ninja in real life they were supervisors
of Samurai swordmen like Daisuke Togakure while they were keeping
in secret life the art of Ninja,
acting as leaders group leaders of Ninja agents.
NInjutsu art of sword was necessary to excel against the basic opponents who were the Samurai superior warriors.
The Ninjutsu art to succeed the own mission should invent superior technics in order to beat the Samurai art.
From the moment that Ninja predominated in the history
as fantom warriors and they succeed their missions, this fact can proves that the sword art of Ninja was superior.
There existing Ninja ‘sword saint’ warriors that never became famous
for the simply reason that the were ”NINJA”….!